White Widow - Composer & Songstress

Carla Patullo’s score is a nicely poker-faced channeling of fantasy-action soundtrack tropes from a generation ago.
— VARIETY, Review of PORNO the movie.
Patullo [White Widow] exudes a ballsy, rock chick vibe and her music is infectious and mainstream-friendly. You always get the feeling she is one step away from going over the edge, but she never does.

Exclusive track release & interview with the Daily Dead.


More of a Comment, Really Podcast

Podcast Interview about the film music in “Porno”, premiering at SXSW on March 9.

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Knoxvillefilms.com -"Singer/composer White Widow (Carla Patullo) writes a dazzling new score for her new version of pioneering German animator Lotte Reiniger’s 1922 silent shadow ballet Aschenputtel. In her version, each character is a different shadow aspect of one unified figure."

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Big Take Over Magazine - White Widow - A Psychological Thriller album review

White Widow is an Austin based multitalented multi-instrumentalist who has created a dark and moving goth touched pop soundtrack.  The music inspired the people at Electric Wonder Creative to create an animated short film that is set to this soundtrack. Art imitates art. These songs stand on their own, though. They stand, seducing out of shadows. Playing romantic and heartbreaking song stories that tie together obsession, desire and dream with a voice that curls like smoke. A voice that cuts through the orchestrated melodics with a Karen O. smoothness, a PJ Harvey roughness, and a Kate Bush Mystique. Hitchcockian rock opera that moves between a Black Heart Procession melancholia and a Robert Smithed euphoria.


Austin Music & Entertainment - White Widow - A Psychological Thriller album review

“Tunnel Vision,” the abstract soundscape that begins the album, feels like a trick Tom Waits would pull with its clanging, metal-on-metal ambiance. This leads directly into “Trust Myself,” the true opening salvo. Sounding like PJ Harvey with its withering, alto vocal performance, ruddy guitar and intricate piano, “Trust Myself” is an impressive introduction.  READ MORE

angst-drenched indie rock that ranges from bombastic to intimate, occasionally within the same song....her music works and she deserves more attention than she gets. By Jim Fusilli
— The Wall Street Journal - Jim Fusilli

 M Music & Musicians - White Widow - A Psychological Thriller album review

Austin-based Carla Patullo excels at gothed-out ’80s balladry—think Quarterflash or Bonnie Tyler on an Evanescence kick—and that’s the perfect sound for this imaginary film score about twisted romance. Spoiler alert: It ends with a dream of white horses, leaving plenty of mystery for the sequel.

- M Music & Musicians Magazine


IndieMedia Magazine - White Widow - A Psychological Thriller album review

...a beautiful voice that makes you feel her pain.  A Psychological Thriller is definitely one of the better albums I’ve heard all year.


AcousticMusic - White Widow - A Psychological Thriller album review

On her fourth release, Carla Patullo (White Widow) occupies a zone midpoint between Kate Bush and Martha Bates (Motels), creating a semi-symphonic progressive melodic groove that will soon serve as score to an animated film in work by a couple of Brooklyn artists. A rather eclectic woman, Patullo graduated from Berklee, sings all vocal parts, and plays all instruments here except for bass, cello, and drums. The result, A Psychological Thriller, under her nom de plume, is a marvelous half hour of concept cycling that enthralls, absorbs, saddens, uplifts, and caresses the ear and mind in a tale of deliquescing love.

There's an element of Angelo Badalamenti and Julee Cruise as well, but with a lot more angst, less narco-vapors as some of the instrumental arrangements veer towards Sally Oldfield. Berklee certainly didn't stint in imbuing the writer with compositional or arranging deftnesses as the tableau unfolds in serial visions thematically centered in Wandering Eye. The entire story wraps itself around the pulse of that anguished heart like layers of night skies and alleyways. Patullo's singing becomes the urgent thread sewing chapters together one after another, postcards of increasing urgency amid a Serial Love Affair leading to a Bloodbath that tells us a little Something about [the so-called] Paradise of love. This is not a story that will have you floating amid cherry-cheeked cherubs and Betty Crocker visions, not by a long shot, even as Patullo's seductive siren wail draws you towards its melancholy beacon. There are rocks near that shore, and your tiny little row boat isn't going to fare well amid them—…but you'll smile as you go under.

by Mark S. Tucker


“Sandra shares the stage with her musical director Carla Patullo [White Widow] who plays a ‘mean piano’,...The band is great and you can tell, that they are all having a really good time.”
— Los Angeles Examiner

Flocked Media - White Widow - A Psychological Thriller album review

White Widow, aka Carla Patullo, has some very strong vocals. Think Pat Benatar for the new millenium. This 8 song disc (with 2 short intro tracks thrown in) is the soundtrack for an animated short film- too bad I didn’t get that to review too!

This soundtrack is musical, driven, inspiring and powerful. It’s rock mixed with the sounds of any Broadway musical. It’s clever. It’s clear. Fun and easy to listen to. At some points low, slow and a little darker. At other points bright and energetic. It’s like bi-polar music, in a good way.

Fans of 80′s music, musical soundtracks, rock and female fronted bands will all enjoy this great effort by this Austin-based siren. 


Colossal Pop - White Widow - A Psychological Thriller album review

Austin, TX’s White Widow returns with her fourth release, A Psychological Thriller. The album is a fictional soundtrack that tells it’s story in just 30 short minutes and stems from the widow’s piqued interest in psychologically thrilling films. Recently the soundtrack was made official by being set to a short film and White Widow and her band are bringing the silent film to life at upcoming concerts. 

“Tunnel Vision” sets the tone as kind of a spooky intro that could lead anywhere. From there, the music sort of slides into a world where Rachel Sage fronts Siouxsie and the Banshees while Android Lust and Belly help out with the songwriting. The music turns haunting, yet intimately piercing to the point that you can’t imagine this as anything but a movie. The music is very dynamic and, while it’s certainly creepy, it’s also very pop-hooked oriented. “Trophy Girl” is the perfect example with its super-catchy Alt-Rock guitar-hooks and beautiful, Goth- tinged vocals leading a three minute and thirty-three second charge that leaves you wishing it were about two minutes longer. “Something About Paradise” (one of two tracks to feature Alyse Black) is another highlight, built on drum machines and sparse guitars and a killer piano riff that the vocals just glide over. 

All in all, this is a great example of what independent music can be. In the age of the internet, independent music has gotten very convoluted and confusing but White Widow proves that true talent can still rise to the top and produce something brilliant. Fans of Rachel Sage, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Amanda Palmer’s more straightforward tunes, and mid-career Paula Cole will find much to love here but I think there will also be a strong appeal lovers of Alt-Rock like Belly, An Horse, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and early Smashing Pumpkins. A Psychological Thriller is easily one of the best albums I’ve heard this year. -ColossalPop.com- ColossalPop.com


Wicked Channel - White Widow - A Psychological Thriller album review

This is the fourth cd from Carla Patullo aka White Widow. This cd sounds like Clare Quilty if they were inspired by The Breeders. And dare I say, like a Pat Benatar going angst in indie alternative music. This cd is a score to an animated film by some Brooklyn artists. But fear not if you have not seen the film, this cd still works. Patullo from the album credits does almost all the instruments herself with vocal duties. And she has created a very fun and memorable half hour of music, with added sound bites like walking and rain, and a phone ringing to the background of a cello during the call. A song like Promises sounds like if Kate Bush fronted Rasputina. Serial Love Affair comes across like if Veruca Salt went unplugged with a piano instead of a guitar. Serial Love Affair is just the perfect alternative hit single. Almost like Belly or Rainer Maria in just terms of a simple beauty with the most common of talents, vocal delivery. Lyric wise this reminds me of a band that came out in the 90’s called The Missing, where the lyrics take a much deeper meaning from the vocal delivery and just the raw emotion that comes across. Carla used this cd as a platform, a stage if you will, to show off her singing and passion and in that capacity this cd really works better than most female artists that have been on radio as of late. This is just true talent that shines song to song, as almost a reminder of female musicians past and present.

If I had to sum up this musical experience in one word, refreshing. I like honest music that is not so pop inspired and homogenized to fit a scene, and this cd is almost like the anti-pop cd with pop in it. If that makes any sense, it is like a pop record that is not a pop record. Kate Bush would be proud, and in the month of new releases from Fiona Apple, and Metric, this is another female who I feel offers just as much as they do and should be heard. Now I am dying to hear the other 3 cds and see if they match up to this one. White Widow is a band that should be making waves hopefully now.


The Creators Project - White Widow - A Psychological Thriller in Concert review

White Widow's silent animation, A Psychological Thriller, is an eerie and erotic Serial Love Affair.…From head to tail there is definitely a story being told musically. Most songs feel pulled from a 1980s fantasy flick. The penultimate track,“Something About Paradise” seems like it could easily be placed in Labyrinth without anyone noticing. 


JerseyBeat - White Widow - A Psychological Thriller review

Indie rock singer/songwriter White Widow hit it right out of the ballpark with her fourth album. Artfully combining her sultry voice with vivid songwriting, a hypnotic and harmonic sound, and a supremely mysterious mood, Widow takes the viewer on a captivating sonic journey that’s really something to hear. The lush arrangements are exquisitely filled out by tinkling pianos, moody strings, and equally brooding cellos. The swirling and whirling rhythmic push’n’pull of the chugging tempos and steady beats provide an extra stirring kick to the already tasty proceedings. Sheer intoxicating pleasure from start to finish.


The Austin Chronicle - White Widow - A Psychological Thriller review

Her talent is undeniable...The local songwriter/multi-instrumentalist sounds solid and focused on the steady rocker "Trophy Girl," stirring ballad "Something About Paradise," and moody anthem "Wandering Eye.


That Music Mag - White Widow - A Psychological Thriller review

White Widow’s fourth self-released album, A Psychological Thriller, carries moods in wonderful waves of up and down beats. There is a beautiful depth to her voice that holds the listener throughout. It is rare to go wrong when you pair a good string selection with the right voice. This is definitely not one of those wrong times.


The Mad Mackerel - White Widow - A Psychological Thriller review

A Psychological Thriller, the latest album and original motion picture soundtrack from White Widow (Carla Patullo), is set to be released today via Flicker Noise Productions.

Culled from Patullo’s growing interest in psychological thriller films, A Psychological Thriller tells the dream-like story of a fictional character in ten songs that seamlessly blend together into one half-hour long soundtrack. Delving into the world of psychological struggles, this album rides the narrow line between bright-eyed desire and grotesque obsession.

  Grab a taste from the album with Miss You Bad, a propulsive, jerky slug of indie rock built around a killer synth riff and falling somewhere between Siouxsie & The Banshees and Sparks. You won’t know whether to dance or run for your life!


Caught In Her Web, CURVE Magazine Feature

"Patullo [White Widow] exudes a ballsy, rock chick vibe and her music is infectious and mainstream-friendly. You always get the feeling she is one step away from going over the edge, but she never does.  - Curve Magazine


Q&A with CURVE Magazine

Curve: How will "A Psychological Thriller" album be different from Black Heart album.

White Widow: I'm producing everything and performing everything on it again, so that won't be different. But it is definitely moving in a new direction. I'm doing more fictional writing now, which is pretty new for me. I'm kind of moving out lyrically where I've never gone.


Brooklyn Rocks - White Widow - A Psychological Thriller review

White Widow (aka Carla Patullo) is releasing her fourth disc, A Psychological Thriller, on June 5th 2012. The new disc is culled from Patullo’s growing interest in psychological thriller films and tells the dream-like story of a fictional character in ten songs that seamlessly blend together into one half-hour long soundtrack.

A Psychological Thriller and its concept spiked the interest of Brooklyn artists Jamie Dwyer and Justin Ulloa (Electric Wonder Creative), who produced an original animated short film under the same title. Inspired by White Widow's music, the film is a fantastical and delusional portrayal of an unraveling love affair, set to the full album. White Widow will be performing the soundtrack live at Public Assembly on July 17th.


REGEN Magazine - White Widow - A Psychological Thriller album review

“Trust Myself” and “Wandering Eye” are atmospheric and, especially the latter, achieve a surprisingly emotional resonance that somehow manages to be escalated further on the magnificent “Serial Love Affair,” which adds an unexpected Palmas-eqsue element in its chorus. A sense of déjà vu is palpable and pervasive on A Psychological Thriller, but one doubtfully would be able to precisely pinpoint its source. The vocals are evocative of not one but several contemporary indie vocalists as if Carla Patullo – the talent behind White Widow – was at once channeling the dangerous shifting tone of Debbie Harry and the utter melancholy of Regina Spektor. 


Sea of Tranquility - White Widow - A Psychological Thriller album review

As a soundtrack, it definitely helps to have seen the film or at least have some visual reference with the content to understand the full effect of the music. However, the music is powerful enough on its own to deliver the main message. Carla Patullo, a Berklee College, multi-instrumentalist, lead singer, and song-writer, plays most of the main instruments on this album. She gets support from Mark Williams, "Gumby", performing upright bass and cello, Colleen Butler, on bass, and drummer Marty Mack.  I agree with other reviewers who compare Carla Patullo's vocals to a good mix between that of Pat Benatar and Martha Davis of the Motels. The music encompasses the theme of horror or psychological thrillers. If you like that genre, then this is a great album of music that will fit well within your collection.  The musicianship is up to the high standards you would expect from someone from Berklee College.” - SeaofTranquility.com


Movement Magazine - White Widow - A Psychological Thriller album review

White Widow has been developing a reputation for her musical ambition, sonic soundscapes, stirring emotional content and sheer originality, and the new album and its concept spiked the interest of Brooklyn artists Jamie Dwyer and Justin Ulloa (Electric Wonder Creative), who are producing an original animated short film under the same title. As video/film production has become an integral and effective piece to White Widow’s creative process, inspired by her music, the film is a fantastical and delusional portrayal of an unraveling love affair, set to "A Psychological Thriller".  - MovementMagazine.com


Dusted Not Busted Blog - White Widow - A Psychological Thriller in Concert review

The most recent album by the captivating and compelling artist, White Widow, was composed as the soundtrack to an unmade psychological thriller. Artists at Electric Wonder Pictures took it upon themselves to make their own independent short film, using White Widow’s current album–under the same title–as the soundtrack. Personally, I found both the film and the music fantastic, but as a beauty blogger I couldn’t help but drool over the fabulous use of the doll make-up style featured prominently on the villainous character Black Widow in the film. - DustedNotBusted.com


Popmatters - White Widow - A Psychological Thriller album review

Carla Patullo, the woman behind White Widow, makes use of her fascination with psychological thrillers via this concept piece, which tells the story of a relationship careening to its end. The rocking “Trophy Girl” and the dark, unnerving and stately “Bloodbath” are among the record’s highlights. 


WLUR FM - White Widow - A Psychological Thriller album review

White Widow produces narrative and atmosphere on A Psychological Thriller. Composed as the soundtrack to a surreal storyline, the album shifts one way and the next, creating tension with semi-symphonic builds, posing big questions with soulful female vocals. White Widow uses a myriad of musical devices, from classical piano to electronic beats to heavy guitar. A soft pop approach to the thriller-vibe. - wlurradio.com


LA TIMES - Sandra Bernhard Loves Being On Stage, The Redcat Theater, Los Angeles, CA

"Bernhard will be backed by a four-piece band, put together by Carla Patullo, the lead singer-songwriter for the rock-punk band White Widow. Many of the songs Bernhard will perform are covers; but they'll be delivered with a twist, as she does in her raw, taunting version of Lita Ford's "Kiss Me Deadly", which appears on the recent comedy album. [I Love Being Me, Don't You.] Expect a mix at the REDCAT show including 80's hair metal songs, R&B, and folk"."


The Times Quotidian - Working Woman, Sandra Bernhard, (Redcat LA Review)

"Her splendid band - musical director/pianist Carla Patullo [White Widow], drummer Alex Stickles, guitarist Mike Manning, and background vocalist Jason Joseph - are serious pros." 


Los Angeles Examiner  - Sandra Bernhard, I Love Being Me, Don't You

"Sandra shares the stage with her musical director Carla Patullo [White Widow] who plays a 'mean piano', Alex Stickles on drums, Mike Manning on guitar, and the fantastic Jason Joseph doing back up vocals....The band is great and you can tell, that they are all having a really good time."


Backstage - Sandra Bernhard, I Love Being Me, Don't You

After sailing on from backstage, svelte and chic in gunmetal sequins and elegantly unkempt hair, Bernhard holds the house in a rapturous death grip from her first "It's been too long!" onward. In tandem with her band—music director Carla Patullo on piano, Alex Stickels on drums, Mike Manning on guitar, and the awesome Jason Joseph doing backup vocals—Bernhard offers the strongest case yet for her angular brand of sophisticated humor.


Variety - Sandra Bernhard - Townhall performance

Sandra Bernhard's new show features tracks from her new album and her knowing takes on pop culture.

Sandra Bernhard’s droll, knowing takes on pop culture were about as strong as ever at the world premiere of her new show, “I Love Being Me, Don’t You?” showcasing tracks from her new album of the same name at Manhattan’s Town Hall on Wednesday night. The unique attraction of the evening was a lineup of one-night-only guest stars for her tour’s launch: Liza Minnelli, Rufus Wainwright and Justin Vivian Bond (of Kiki & Herb fame).  Opening with a fierce vocal take on Bobby Womack’s 1972 blaxploitation hit “Across 110th Street,” served with trademark soul flourishes from the Arizona-bred performer, she segued between comedy bits and musical numbers in a model familiar to her many loyal (and overwhelmingly gay male) fans in the audience.  She closed with an inspired mashup of Lita Ford’s “Kiss Me Deadly” and Pink’s “Just Like a Pill” that didn’t sacrifice good vocals for its amusement factor, one of several smart choices by musical director Carla Patullo.

The Wall Street Journal - You Can Always Go ... Downtown

At the border of Chinatown and the Lower East Side, Fontana presents six bands of varying skill and experience, topped by White Widow, the nom de guerre of Carla Patullo. Her trio plays angst-drenched indie rock that ranges from bombastic to intimate, occasionally within the same song. If you come away thinking Ms. Patullo spent some time studying P.J. Harvey, you'd likely be right, but her music works and she deserves more attention than she gets.  By Jim Fusilli

Houston Press - Is White Widow Also a "Gold Dust Woman"?

"The nine songs of sturdy yet melodic guitar rock - including a cover of Nicks' "Lady From the Mountain" - show she's no pushover. A worthy heir to the sneering '90s femme-rocker examples of PJ Harvey and fellow Nicks disciple Courtney Love would be a lot closer to the truth."  By Chris Gray


Sun Herald - BLACK HEART, Album Review

This June release comes from an Austin-based guitarist/vocalist/songwriter who has already played a New Orleans show at Checkpoint Charlie's by the time you read this. Carla Patullo's White Widow character was developed in New York, but there's something Texas about the big emotions in most songs, all written by the Berklee College of Music grad except for a Stevie Nicks cover. She also played all the album's instruments, but does shows with drummer Marty Mack and bassist Colleen Bonner. Recording at home had its positives: the vocals are suitably raw, the guitar tones are nifty, and things are uncluttered. The omnipresent single-note bass drum beat gets monotonous after awhile; but leaves rhythmic opportunities for live expansion. Favorite songs include "Queen Elizabeth," which adds some toms, "Quitter" which contains a sparkling vocal and "Empire," which varies the formula with different guitar/vocal textures. This is a rewarding listening experience I recommend heartily.


Worcester Telegram - 'Black Heart' labor of love for White Widow

With music that projects quite a gritty persona, and a performing name - White Widow - and new album - "Black Heart" - whose titles sort of speak for themselves, it might be suspected that Carla Patullo has a past.

In this instance, however, some previous doings may be holding her in good stead, instead of tying her up in webs.

For example, "Black Heart," which sounds emotive and is also very to-the-point in its song construction, was produced by the performer, who also plays all the instruments and recorded the whole CD at her home in Austin, Texas. It may have helped that she graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she studied songwriting, contemporary writing and production.

So when she comes to the Lucky Dog Music Hall, 89 Green St., Worcester on Wednesday as part of her tour to promote "Black Heart", she'll have some familiarity with the area.

For sure, in fact. "I used to go there (Worcester) to see shows," she said. Besides having been a student in Boston, she grew up in Springfield and will be playing there Saturday at Maximum Capacity in a sort of homecoming concert.

Such revelations don't take any edge off White Widow. Rather, they help you understand Patullo a little bit better and appreciate her sincerity and intensity.

After graduating from Berklee, "I headed out straight to New York," she said, immediately performing at clubs on the city's rock circuit. "That's where I came up with the concept for White Widow." Last Friday in Austin, where she's lived for almost two years, she performed at a "We're Still Queer Honey" benefit at Pine Street Station, opening for the multifaceted, forever-edgy Sandra Bernhard. She also performed with Bernhard. "It was amazing. I'm still running off the energy of that show," she said on Monday as she was getting ready to start the "Black Heart" tour that would begin the next day at Checkpoint Charlie's in New Orleans. "Black Heart" is White Widow's third album. Several tracks from her first, "No Wood To Knock On", were featured on the horror movie "Ice Queen." The White Widow name was inspired by the song "Gold Dust Woman" by Stevie Nicks in which Nicks refers to a black widow. "I am heavily influenced by performers like Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, P.J. Harvey, Sandra Bernhard and Courtney Love. These artists are raw and don't hold anything back." On "Black Heart," White Widow's vocals do have a lovelorn rawness to them, and the rock can be searing. Very skillfully so, in that the guitar playing (by White Widow, of course) is extremely good. As a producer she's not self-indulgent. Once the songs - including a cover of a Stevie Nicks demo, "Lady from the Mountain," that was never released - have said what they have to say, White Widow doesn't waste any time lingering, moving on to the next track at full speed ahead.   By Richard Duckett 


Muen Magazine Music Blog - White Widow Bares Her Soul

It seems like the majority of rock artists nowadays are afraid to get right down to the heart of the matter by offering the public raw and revealing compositions. Not WHITE WIDOW - as evidenced throughout her latest release, Black Heart. This Boston-by-way-of-New York-by-way-of-Texas rocker is all about taking the listener on a journey - often building layer upon layer in her songs, and slowly cranking up the emotion to a boiling point. Or as she puts it, "White Widow defines who I am."  A truly hypnotizing performer...Read More


Accent on Tampa Bay

White Widow gets you on your feet while her voice tangles you in her web. From her band you can expect to hear menacing lead guitar lines, melodic bass interjecting with heavy drums, with her intense vocals cutting through as her voice soars high. Her latest release is BLACK HEART.


Zandland Music Blog  - White Widow, Black Heart | NEW MUSIC / REVIEW

Zandland fave White Widow's long awaited new album, 'Black Heart' officially made it's way to the market, and iTunes on September 22, and surely gets the Zandland nod of approval. In true indie form, Ms. Widow (Carla Patullo) took to heart a completely solo approach on the 10-track album, manning all instruments, building unique sounds to hypnotizing vocals, and masterfully producing each track herself.

Fave tracks are the anthem-esque 'Warriors' and the eerie soundscape, 'Empire'. White Widow shows off her signature screaming chops by the end of 'Quitter'; her angry side generates a sort of sonic whiplash. And in a ghostly buildup, White Widow does Stevie Nicks proud with a rendition of Nicks' previously unreleased demo, 'Lady From The Mountain.'

White Widow's last full-length album, "It's My Tragedy" dropped February 2007, marking a major turn towards gritty post-punk vocals matched with raw guitar and heavy bass riffs (think PJ Harvey)...a shift from 2005's more commercially-accessible debut, "No Wood To Knock On". "Black Heart" shows a touch of the softer side of White Widow, on her fresh indie-rock journey, with a heavy-handed diaristic vulnerability that will completely fill your emo needs without ever getting stuffy or generic.


Austin Chronicle - White Widow/Black Heart

The song "I Break" really breaks her out of the coffeehouse clutch. 


Zandland Music Blog - Black Heart Video

Zandland fave, White Widow is back with a new video & single, 'Black Heart,' from her upcoming album of the same name. 'Black Heart' marks White Widow's third album, following 'No Wood To Knock On' (2005) and 'It's My Tragedy' (2007). We got a sneak listen to some of the tracks and the album is going to be off the hook! Check out the new video on YouTube (released today, above)! 


The Village Voice - White Widow Performs at the Pussy Rock Show

"an irresistible army of bands still screaming their hearts out and holding court from their MySpace pages ... [there's White Widow] when you're ready for emotional and lyrical complexity"


Piazza Roma - Arezzo Wave Festival

La band White Widow proveniente da Boston presenterˆ il suo quarto lavoro discografico sabato 24 febbraio al Blue Note Music Club di Campobasso. Due giorni prima sarˆ presentato in anteprima mondiale a New York. Il trio sarˆ ospite all'interno della la rassegna - concorso Italia Wave love festival, manifestazione dedicata a tutti i gruppi musicali della regione. LÕalbum dal titolo "It's My Tragedy"  stato prodotto da Gene Paul ingegnere leggendario di Aretha Franklin e Led Zeppelin mixato da John Plymale (Squirrel Nut Zippers, Superchunk). Le loro influenze musicali: PJ Harvey, Lindsey Buckingham, Fleetwood Mac, Hall & Oats, ed Interpol. Una voce ammaliante la songwriter della band con un lavoro tutto al femminile, duro, scomodo e bello allo stesso tempo. Un concerto emozionale.

C' una ragione particolare per cui ho inserito questo annuncio su www.piazzaroma.net ed  per via del fatto che la cantante si chiama Carla Patullo e ha origini Bojanesi. Tempo fa la contattai tramite Myspace il famosissimo social network dove molti gruppi musicali trovano fortuna, mi rispose immediatamente e mi diede subito l'impressione di essere molto alla mano e sopratutto fiera delle sue origini bojanesi!!! Carla Patullo nata a Springfield da genitori italiani ed ha cominciato a comporre ed esibirsi all'etˆ di 11 anni.Dopo aver frequentato il Berklee College of Music a Boston, dove ha ricevuto diversi premi per il suo talento di compositrice, si  trasferita a New York. A New York ha collaborato con alcuni grossi calibri della musica mondiale come Grayson Hugh, il produttore Iain McNally (Amanda Marshall), e il tecnico del suono L. Stu Young (Prince)



IMPACT Press - White Widow / No Wood to Knock On Review

Perhaps the opening refrain of her album explains it best, "It's my birthday, I wanna piss everybody off." She's got a chip on her shoulder the size of an electric guitar and she uses it to lay on the rock extraordinarily thick. This is girl-fronted rock with balls, yet has an

enticing sweetness to it that the Widow uses to lure you into her web. Great songwriting and robust, well-engineered accompaniment make her ultra-emotional vocals shine. (DP)


Indulged.com - White Widow / No Wood to Knock On

White Widow delivers some very emotionally charged guitar balladry. Very epic song arrangements wrapped around big female angsty vocals. Any song taken on its own is very pleasant to listen to...Young girls can fire this track up ("Only You") and dream about losing their virginity. White Widow takes the concept of an 80's rock ballad and dresses it up pretty for the year 2005...The production on "No Wood to Knock On" is great, drums sound full and vocals sharp.


Indie-music.com - White Widow / No Wood to Knock On

These songs are seductive and poetic, not really structured but still solidly-composed...I've never heard a menacing love song before – one in which the music is menacing but the lyrics are genuine words of love, sung by a voice that's husky and ominous on the verses and high and sweet on the chorus. I should find that disturbing. Instead, I'm kind of turned on by it...Some tracks are gritted-teeth rants, others are simply mysterious and seductive, but you definitely get the feeling that this woman is a bit off balance. You're never quite safe, even when she's purring invitingly.


Mondogordo.com - White Widow / No Wood to Knock On

..."Only You," is a treat that won't rot your teeth in sweetness. Patullo breathes a sexy breeze here about wanting to see the stars tonight. The slinky riff playing in the background matches her tone well. By no means an overplayed love song, it does remind me of why vampires are sexy in the movies. They just are. The one that seduced me though was "Friend." Patullo expresses her disdain with a fair-weather friend who apparently abandons her. The numb plucked guitar works to accentuate her vocal talents as an extra to this almost a cappella tune. There are so many interpretations to pull out of black lace, and metaphorically this is the best metaphor I can use for Ms. Carla. Her work is feminine, tough, awkward and lovely at the same time.


Agouti Music - White Widow / No Wood to Knock On

"Only You" is my favorite song on the album. It's very straightforward and has great vocals.


Song Critic - White Widow / No Wood to Knock On

....fantastic!...really does kick serious ass, and it was my pleasure to hear it!




Carla Patullo - Composer & Songstress White Widow Music ™ 2005-2016