White Widow

White Widow - Composer & Songstress


Short Animation

Original film by Lotte Reiniger
Dir.  Eli Beech, White Widow
Flicker Noise Productions
MUSIC by Carla Patullo
Poster artwork by Jamie Dwyer

Nominated for Best Score for Short Film at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards.



White Widow narrates and orchestrates us through the classic fairy tale film Cinderella (Aschenputtel, 1922) by animation pioneer Lotte Reiniger. As Cinderella confronts her repressed self to find her inner light, the film transforms Reiniger's original silhouettes into a modern and mysterious shadow ballet.


WorldFest Houston Remi Award
Hollywood Music in Media (Nomination - Best Original Score/Indie Short Film)
Global Music Awards (Winner - Best Score)
Garden State Film Festival (Winner - Best Orchestral Theme)
IndieFEST (Winner - Best Original Score)
IFA International Film Festival (Winner - Best Original Score)
Spotlight Short Film Award (Winner-Best Original Score)
Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards (Winner - Best Score)
Prestige Music Award (Winner - Best Score)
Best Shorts Competition (Winner - Remix/Mashup)
Independent International Film Awards (Winner - Best Score)
The Other Venice Film Festival (Nomination - Best Score)
Scruffy City Film & Music Festival (Nomination for best Film Score)
Utah Music Award (Nomination - Best Soundtrack)


Carla Patullo - Composer & Songstress White Widow Music ™ 2005-2016