White Widow

White Widow - Composer & Songstress

“White Widow occupies a zone midpoint between Kate Bush and Martha Bates Motels creating a semi-symphonic progressive melodic groove that enthralls, absorbs, saddens, uplifts, and caresses the ear and mind in a tale of deliquescing love.” — AcousticMusic.com
Carla Patullo

Carla Patullo, also known as White Widow, is a composer, songstress, and visual media artist who creates both songs and score ranging from gritty electronic rock to full orchestral soundscapes.   Her music is featured in the award winning film Spa Night, which premiered at Sundance.  Her score to Cinderella, A Shadow Ballet has won numerous awards, including a Global Music Award and a Hollywood Music in Media Award nomination (Carter Burwell, Philip Glass, Diane Warren).  Carla has recently been selected as a Sundance 2018 Composer Fellow for the Sundance Music and Sound Design Lab.

As a touring performer and musical director, White Widow has toured internationally on solo tours as well as serving as musical director for actress/ comedian Sandra Bernhard’s “I Love Being Me, Don’t You” tour and album.  The tour included performances with Liza Minnelli, Rufus Wainwright, and Justin Vivian Bond.

Being inspired by her love for psychological thriller films, in 2011, she wrote and recorded a concept album titled A Psychological Thriller.  The album accompanied a short film by Brooklyn based visual artists/ filmmakers, Electric Wonder.  The film premiered to a sold-out show with a synced live performance of the score by White Widow and her band.  The Creators Project raved about it as “an eerie and erotic serial love affair.”  This film project inspired White Widow to begin writing music to picture.

White Widow has gone on to compose scores for many films including Letter to Anita (dir. Andrea Meyerson, HBO Films), Pizza Face (Snaxtime Pictures), Cheese Dog: The Movie (Electric Wonder Pictures), and Jean Cordova (Gregorio Davilla).

As a visual media artist, WW started studying the work of animation pioneer Lotte Reiniger.  She began to see a new light in Lotte's original silent films and was inspired to compose a ballet to Lotte's 1922 film Aschenputtel.  The film Cinderella, A Shadow Ballet is a re-conceptualization of Aschenputtel.  WW uses a hybrid of orchestral and electronic soundscapes to  narrate us through this classic fairy tale film.   Delving into psychological struggles, she uses shadow, light, and sound to represent Cinderella's psyche.  As Cinderella confronts her repressed self to find her inner light, the film transforms Reiniger's original silhouettes into a modern and mysterious shadow ballet.

In 2017, WW began work on a animated documentary about Lotte with co-director and animator Elizabeth Beecherl called LOTTE THAT SILHOUETTE GIRL.  In a vocal driven score, WW layers textures and various vocal effects to represent each puppet's personality and shadowy support of their heroine.

Along with scoring and films, WW has written numerous songs and has had over 100 song placements on Emmy award winning shows, such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Young & the Restless, Skins, as well as dance performances of Sia’s sidekick Maddie Ziegler on the TV show Dance Moms.  Her voice can be heard on the Microsoft video game Project Spark, and the PBS Show Craft in America.   


Sundance Composer Lab Fellow (Sundance Film Music and Sound Design Lab)
American Documentary Film Festival (Lotte that Silhouette Girl wins Best Short Film)
Emmy Award Nomination  (Venice the Series, Best Series)
Global Music Award (Lotte that Silhouette Girl wins Best Soundtrack)
Hot Docs (Canadian Premiere of Lotte that Silhouette Girl)
Ann Arbor Film Festival (World premiere of Lotte that Silhouette Girl)


Daytime Emmy Award (Nom. Venice the Series, Best Series)
Independent Spirit Award (Spa Night)
NETFLIX (Spa Night, available for streaming)
Outfest Film Festival (Premiere of JEANE CORDOVA & Best Short Film Award)
Comic-Con (Screening of PIZZA FACE)
Toronto International Film Festival (Screening of PIZZA FACE)
Frameline Film Festival (Premiere of the film The Curse)
Remi Award (MY NAME IS MARIA DE JESUS, Best Short Film)


SPA NIGHT Theatrical Release (Composer/Songwriter)
Nautilus Studio LA (Fellow)
BMI Composing for the Screen (Fellow)
Hollywood Music in Media (Nom. - Singer-Songwriter) 
WorldFest Houston Int. Film Festival (Plat. Remi Award - Best Music Short)
Garden State Film Festival (Winner - Best Orchestral Theme)
Sundance Film Festival (Premiere of SPA NIGHT w/music by White Widow)


Hollywood Music in Media (Nom. - Best Original Score/Indie Short Film)
Global Music Awards (Winner - Best Score)
Indie FEST (Winner - Best Original Score, 2015)
IFA International Film Festival (Winner - Best Original Score)
Spotlight Short Film Award (Winner - Best Original Score)
Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards (Winner - Best Score)
Independent International Film Awards (Winner - Best Score)


Carla Patullo - Composer & Songstress White Widow Music ™ 2005-2016