WHITE WIDOW occupies a zone midpoint between Kate Bush and Martha Bates (Motels), creating a semi-symphonic progressive melodic groove....there's an element of Angelo Badalamenti and Julee Cruise as well, but with a lot more angst...

Patullo [White Widow] exudes a ballsy, rock chick vibe and her music is infectious and mainstream-friendly. You always get the feeling she is one step away from going over the edge, but she never does. CURVE MAGAZINE


Cinderella, A Shadow Ballet (Score)

White Widow orchestrates you through this classic fairy tale film,  originally produced by animation pioneer LOTTE REINIGER, and reconceptualized by White Widow through the lens of shadow psychology.

More about Lotte Reiniger (Here)
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Cheese Dog The Movie (Score)

From the team that brought you 'White Widow: A Psychological Thriller' comes a new delicious tale.  

Dir. Justin Ulloa & Jamie Dwyer
Original Score by White Widow

Screening dates TBA soon!


Composed the score for this beautiful film by Andrea Meyerson. The film premiered at the Frameline Film festival in San Francisco.  Stay tuned for more screening dates!

Letter to Anita
Starring Ronni Sanlo, Meredith Baxter

Festivals/Awards:  Include Frameline Festival, Outfest, Seattle LGBT Film Festival, Pittsburg LGBT Film Festival, TIGL Film Festival, El Lugar Sin Limites Film Festival.  

A Psychological Thriller (Score)

White Widow: A Psychological Thriller is now streaming on VIMEO!

Watch it HERE:

'White Widow: A Psychological Thriller' is a silent, animated neo-noir thriller set to the original music of White Widow.  

Directed by Justin Ulloa & Jamie Dwyer.

Awards include: IFQ Film Festival Winner, Motor City Nightmares Film Festival, Pineapple Underground Film Festival.